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Adventurous Journey to Bolivia: A 37-Hour Bus Ride


Join me on an exhilarating journey from Buenos Aires to Bolivia as I embark on a thrilling adventure through Latin America. This article chronicles my experiences, challenges, and unexpected twists along the bus ride.

Departing from Buenos Aires

The day begins in bustling Buenos Aires, where I prepare to undertake a 37-hour bus ride to kickstart my expedition. In Retiro, a vibrant yet hectic area, I cautiously navigate the crowded streets, mindful of safety and keeping a low profile while carrying my backpack, tent, and stove cooktop. Excitement builds as I embrace the start of this grand adventure.

The Bus Station at Retiro

After making my way across the road to the bus terminal, I encounter a lively scene filled with market stalls and vendors bustling to make a living. Aware of occasional pickpockets, I remain vigilant as I navigate the terminal. Finally, I locate the bus stop with ample time to spare, curious about the meaning of "asiento" and eager to embark on the journey ahead.

A Long Bus Ride

Settling into the bus station, I realize the weight of the baggage I carry. Determined, I prepare for the 37-hour ride, armed with vegan sustenance consisting of pizza and banana bread to avoid relying solely on rest stops. As we depart, I appreciate the opportunity to unwind, catch up on editing tasks, watch movies, and mentally prepare for what lies ahead.

Retiro: A Vibrant, Yet Challenging Area

Retiro, though home to government buildings, also reflects lower-class living. While the area carries a slum-like reputation, it holds its own charm amid the bustling streets. Buenos Aires has been an incredible city to explore, from celebrating the Argentinian win during the World Cup to forming connections with amazing individuals. However, the time has come to bid farewell to the city's airports and embark on a different mode of transportation.

Change of Plans: Tuk-Tuk Inspiration

Originally, my plan involved acquiring motorcycle gear and traveling south to Ushuaia, Argentina. However, circumstances surrounding customs clearance and licensing issues led me to reconsider. In an unexpected turn of events, I encountered a group of four adventurers traversing Africa in a tuk-tuk, which inspired a change in my plans. Bolstered by their daring spirit, I decide to purchase a tuk-tuk and set my sights on Bolivia, where I can find the southernmost tuk-tuks available.

A Bus Ride to Bolivia

Now, at the bus station, ready to embark on a 37-hour journey to Santa Cruz De La Sierra in Bolivia, I reflect on the challenges faced as a foreigner. From navigating visa extensions to dealing with paperwork, nothing comes easy. Yet, the excitement of the upcoming adventure fuels my determination to overcome any obstacles that may arise.

On the Road: Pit Stops and Observations

As the bus traverses the Argentinian landscape, we make pit stops at typical roadside restaurants reminiscent of those found in India. Here, a rustic ambiance welcomes weary travelers with barbecues and simple seating arrangements. These stops offer a glimpse into the local culture and a chance to indulge in some sustenance.

Arrival in Bolivia

After hours on the road, we finally arrive in Bolivia, and the atmosphere undergoes a noticeable change. The streets emanate a vibrant energy, adorned with lush greenery and colorful surroundings. Though the darkness obscures my view, I eagerly anticipate exploring the beauty of Bolivia in the coming days.


The 37-hour bus ride from Buenos Aires to Bolivia marked the beginning of an extraordinary adventure. From navigating bustling bus stations to altering plans and embracing new inspirations, each step fueled my enthusiasm for the journey ahead. As I set foot in Bolivia, uncertain but filled with anticipation, I eagerly anticipate discovering the wonders that await me in this captivating country.

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