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Pan-America Highway Route from Argentina to Alaska
Yellow Cartoon Tuk Tuk

How I Became AussieEspañol

A crazy Aussie with an insane idea of driving a 3 wheel beast (because 4 wheels is too easy) across North, Central and South America. Just a man with no responsibilities and a burning desire to travel the world and experience all that I can. And I felt there was no better way to do this then become the first person to drive a Tuk Tuk from the very bottom of Argentina, to the top of Alaska. 

The Three Wheel Dream

It all starts at the beginning of the Pandemic in February 2020. My world travel was cut short after spending only a month in Japan and I was back in Australia, quarantining in a hotel for the mandatory two weeks when I made the decision to learn a language which coincidently turned out to be Spanish. 


The more I studied, the more I learnt the beautiful intricacies of Latin America, such as the rich culture, proud but humble people as well as it's sounds and flavors. 

2020-2023 was a grueling three years spent preparing a route and saving for what can no longer be described as a trip but more so a lifestyle. Everything from working several jobs at once to getting my motorcycle license to practice in a comfortable environment in Australia before travelling the 'dangerous landscape'... but on two wheels.

This all changed when I arrived in Argentina and was informed that all of the motorcycle gear I had sent from Australia was to be stuck in customs clearance indefinitely as withdrawal fees heavily outweighed the cost of the package. At the time what seemed like a huge set back, turned into the best case scenario when a friend of mine posted a random selfie of her travels in Bolivia with a Tuk Tuk in the background. 

Fast forward two weeks, I had a one way bus ride to Santa Cruz, Bolivia from Buenos Aires, Argentina and was in contact with a random stranger selling his Tuk Tuk on Facebook Marketplace.

After buying his used bucket of bolts, I had two solid attempts at leaving the country, although both times returned for additional mechanical repairs. I was beginning to question why I bought a Used Tuk Tuk with over 85 000 kms on the odometer (52 000 miles). 

My videos were just starting to take off in Bolivia and around the World, which caught the attention of Motoland (the company representing my brand of Tuk Tuk throughout the whole of Bolivia). They wanted me to start my trip off right and sponsored me with a brand new Tuk Tuk (Torii). 

During the process in organizing the documents to legally travel internationally, I adopted Patti, a beautiful Doberman from the Dog Refuge I was volunteering at to accompany me on this journey and every adventure afterwards.

Stay tuned with my Blogs or on YouTube as I document my three wheel travels with my four legged friend across two Continents, 23 Countries and +55 000kms. It should make for a bit of a laugh and a legendary story.

The Yaz The Symbol a Free Man
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